ProteinCenter User Manual
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Chapter 8. The Protein Basket

The Protein Basket is a clipboard for holding a set of protein entries. It is a kind of temporary shopping basket allowing the user to collect interesting proteins while analyzing various datasets and results of lookups etc. It allows the user to build up a dataset while analysing a number of datasets and proteins.

Proteins can be added to the basket from the workspace and/or from the lookup pane, by clicking the basket icon associated with each protein.

When proteins are added to the basket, the icon changes from to

In the basket all added entries are displayed. The content of the basket can be viewed by clicking on the basket pane on the switchboard always present at the left side of the screen.

Data in the basket can be saved to folders in the way it is done for a set of proteins from a lookup or from the workspace.

Figure 8.1. The Basket

The Basket

  1. To remove the last added entry from the basket, press Remove last entry.

  2. To clear the contents of the basket, press Empty basket.

  3. Displays the current entries in the basket.

  4. Note that the basket icon is greyed out in all views when the protein is already in the basket.

In the Basket view only the Proteins and the ProteinCard views are enabled. To cluster, export etc., the content of the basket must first be saved as a new dataset. To save proteins to a new dataset in the workspace - select the proteins to be saved using the checkbox and choose the save as icon .