ProteinCenter User Manual
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Chapter 15. Genes View

Table of Contents

15.1. The genes view

15.1. The genes view

The genes view list the genes contained in a dataset. Information that exist on the protein level is summarized for groups of proteins sharing the same gene.

In the genes view, each line corresponds to a gene, but also to one or more proteins with summary data for all proteins with the same gene. Each row may be expanded to inspect the details for the individual proteins. It is also possible to sort on each gene's minimum and maximum values of the supplementary data fields.

Please note that a gene is not known for all proteins. Only those with known gene are displayed in the view.

Figure 15.1. The Genes view

The Genes view

Below is a short description of the most common columns in the genes view. To manually select which columns to display, see Section 5.4.5, “Selecting which columns to display”.

These explanations refer to the details pertaining to the genes. For details related to the actual proteins, please refer to the protein results view in Section 14.1, “The proteins view”.

  1. Entrez Id - The Entrez Gene identifier.

  2. No - The number of proteins, with this gene, in the dataset. Click the number to expand the data for individual proteins.

  3. Official symbol - The current official symbol.

  4. Official name - A more descriptive name for the gene.

  5. S - Check to select all proteins with this gene.

  6. - Add all proteins with this gene to Basket.

  7. AS - Flagging of proteins from alternatively spliced gene. The flag indicates all proteins with this gene, while indicates only some proteins with this gene.

  8. Tax - The taxonomy for the gene.

  9. Chromosome - The chromosome number.

  10. Map - The gene map.

  11. GO MF - Molecular Function GO annotation summarized for proteins with this gene.

  12. GO CC - Cellular component GO annotation summarized for proteins with this gene.

  13. GO BP - Biological process GO annotation summarized for proteins with this gene.

  14. All supplementary data with configurable statistics columns for the gene as described in Chapter 13, Protein data view. Note that the image above has been truncated to only show some supplementary data.