ProteinCenter User Manual
Table of Contents

Chapter 31. Installation

Table of Contents

31.1. Server Installation
31.1.1. Linux
31.1.2. DNS

This chapter describes the steps involved in getting ProteinCenter™ installed in your lab / datacenter.

31.1. Server Installation

31.1.1. Linux

The ProteinCenter™ server is delivered pre-installed with Linux, MySQL™, TomEE™, the ProteinCenter™ application, and additional platform dependent bioinformatics tools. Post Installation Configurations - Machine

Before using the machine, you should log on to the machine and set a safe root password (the default root password is sent to you by email):

login: root


[root@proteincenter ~] password

Changing password for user root.




It is strongly recommended to change the root password before using the machine.

The hostname of the machine has been set to the hostname of your choice when you ordered the server. If you want to change the the hostname, IP address or other network settings use the command: system-config-network Post Installation Configurations - Application

The ProteinCenter installation comes with a predefined administrator account that cannot be deleted through the administrator interface. It is used to initially access the application administration interface to create users and grant rights. It is also necessary to access the system should you ever accidentally delete all your administrative users.

Before starting the webserver the password for the administrator account should be changed (is admin by default):

The file protein-center-default-users.txt in the /usr/share/tomee/conf/ProteinCenter/ directory contains a single line of text like the one below. Change the text on the right side of the equals sign to your chosen administrator password.



It is strongly recommended to change the administrator password before starting the application. Updating the ProteinCenter application

A new release of the ProteinCenter™ application is delivered in the form of an RPM package. Before updating the application you should tell your ProteinCenter™ users that the server will be shut down during upgrade.

Log in to ProteinCenter™ as administrator and install the new update on the Administration>Update pane

Alternatively, ProteinCenter will update itself if there are no users logged into the system.

This will shut down the application server, install the new ProteinCenter™ and start the application server again.

31.1.2. DNS

You should add the hostname and IP address of the machine to your DNS server (e.g., Active Directory if you are using Windows). This will make ProteinCenter™ general accessible from the client computers on your local network.