ProteinCenter User Manual
Table of Contents

Part I. Getting Started & Tutorials

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
1.1. Login
1.2. Looking up a protein
1.3. Protein neighbors
1.4. Looking up a peptide
1.5. Selecting, saving and deleting within a dataset
1.6. Import a dataset and view experimental data, proteins and groups
1.6.1. Import a dataset
1.6.2. View a dataset in the Protein Data view
1.6.3. View a dataset in the Proteins view
1.6.4. View a dataset in the Clusters view
1.7. Filters
1.8. Reports
1.9. Comparison of datasets
1.10. Context-sensitive online help
2. Tutorials
2.1. Single protein bioinformatical analysis
2.1.1. Example – GI:6807647
2.2. Bioinformatical and statistical analysis of a protein dataset
2.2.1. Traditional approach
2.2.2. Using ProteinCenter
2.3. Is the unknown protein really unknown?
2.4. Converting accession numbers
2.5. Bioinformatical analysis of experimental data using peptide clustering
2.6. Comparison of proteomics datasets
2.7. Outdated accession — but is the protein still valid?
2.8. Multiple alignment